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Using his professional relationship as court-appointed attorney for beautiful Alexandra Jimenez, a serial shoplifter, Jose P. Quiroz has tricked her into sexual relations for months through deceit and dishonesty, and now has dumped her for another woman.

The Grievance CommitteeBy showing that her made-up accusations are just spite from a broken love affair,  Jose’s lawyer, Albert Hicks defeats her complaint with the Grievance Committee in San Antonio, Texas.  Besides, he notes, sexual relations between a lawyer and the client are not prohibited.

With prayers to her patron saint, Alexandra finds Jose has also tricked two other female clients into sexual relations and she convinces them to file grievances. After losing at the second Grievance Hearing, Jose sues requesting a jury trial.

Assigned from north Texas, Judge Horace Sawtelle visits for pre-trial matters and has a one-night stand with ex-stripper Missy Bubbles, who secretly has taken racy photos of the two.   When the judge is ready the next night for round two, he  finds Missy has been murdered.

Now, safe in his home town from any implication, he receives the racy photos but no black-mail note from “G. Purrs P. Purrs.”  By the time the judge returns for the trial, he suspects everyone, even prosecutor, Ron Millhouse.

During his tenure, Millhouse owns no wins against defense attorney  Albert Hicks, but this time, Millhouse’s positive his luck will change.

With his law license at stake, Jose isn’t betting on luck.  Monsignor Branton, thankful for Jose’s fund-raising at his parish, will be his character witness and has threatened one of the women—if  she testifies—with denial of the Catholic Sacraments.  She’s wavering. The defense wants jurors who’ll identify with the Monsignor.  They’re especially thrilled with their selection of Catherine Delouch, a staunch Catholic.  But they don’t know that she has been secretly ordained a priest in Europe in spite of the Church’s prohibition against women priests.

More surprises wait the reader as the trial proceeds.

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The Law is not just a job for criminal defense lawyer Scott Lonnigan.  It’s his life.

His common sense judging on the Grievance Committee in San Antonio, Texas has brought justice to the public and to accused lawyers.

Now, a serious mistake threatens to turn Scott’s world upside down.

When the judge is the accused, will justice be there?  Or, the fix?  Or, retribution?

How will Scott find redemption?

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