“LAWYER MAGIC” a novel

In the days of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, a magic sword was used to slay the dragon, although, alas,  in spite of the magic sword, the dragon won.

Now, since the magic sword has disappeared in the modern world, some say the dragon can be slain with lawyer magic, on the battleground of Medical Malpractice.

Experienced and aggressive, Shirley Helene Hoefska hates all “ambulance chasers,” especially Karl Kincaid who is seeking millions for the family of his brain-dead client from Good Shepherd Hospital, her client, and the treating doctor.  Kincaid has been sanctioned by the Grievance Committee for witness abuse and abusive jury argument, while Shirley Helene has received counseling by a nun and a women Catholic priest for anger management.

Neither lawyer will pull any punches in this trial before a jury in San Antonio, Texas.

But who owns the lawyer magic to slay the dragon?

Interested?   Read a bit of “LAWYER MAGIC” by going to amazon.com and click open the novel.

LAWYER MAGIC  is available in paperback and kindle at amazon.com or from your favorite bookseller who can order from createspace.com

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