“Senator White”

Ginny Hopkins, pregnant and married for over 2 years to Peter Hopkins, learns that she is not truly divorced from Hugh Robles because of her lawyer’s goof.  Now Ginny’s been charged in criminal court with Bigamy, a felony with a two-year minimum sentence in State prison.  An angry Ginny files a complaint with the State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee in San Antonio, Texas against her lawyer, Senator Tony White.

That makes the State Bar Grievance Committee prosecutor uneasy because he owes his job to Senator White and, since the senator is running for re-election, he fears an angry Ginny will leak the confidential grievance proceedings to the media to hurt the senator’s re-election.

No fool, Senator White understands the necessary role money plays in politics.  If he’s re-elected, he will be collecting a peace offering from the plaintiff’s trial lawyers who opposed his election.  His reward from the Chamber of Commerce crowd for voting their way and for bring home the bacon to San Antonio will be “Senator White Appreciation Day.”

Norma, the senator’s legal assistant and lover, won’t let the senator be bothered by some alleged grievance complaint and, taking no chances, dreams up the perfect excuse for his defense.  She will do anything to protect Senator White.

Will Ginny Hopkins find justice against powerful Senator White?

The story’s twists gives the reader a safe escape to another venue and serves up a tasty treat for the intellect.

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