“TO GET EVEN, a novel”


To get even, somebody is sending Jonathan Carter death threats.

As Chair of the San Antonio, Texas Grievance Committee, he can’t please both the complainant and the accused lawyer.

As a Plaintiff’s Personal Injury trial attorney, he will anger either the opposing party or lawyer, or the judge, or even his own client.

In either role, Jonathan’s list of antagonists grows.  Yet, he knows he can’t please everyone.

Finally, will someone say, “Enough is enough. Jonathan, you are toast.”?


Interested in discovering more before purchasing?   Go to amazon.com and click open the book, “TO GET EVEN, a novel.”

“TO GET EVEN, a novel” is available in paperback and kindle at amazon.com or if your bookseller doesn’t have the novel in stock, your bookseller can order the novel for you from createspace.com

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